Automated number plate reading in Bavaria

Bavarian Ministry of the Interior takes positive stock

Wiesbaden, 18.10.2018 – Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann recently presented the positive experiences with a new application variant of Automated Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR) at a press conference. The technology used is the Enforcement Bar, i.e. the roof beam on the control vehicle, and the mobile FM1 solution from Vitronic. According to the Minister of the Interior, the systems are indispensable as a surveillance tool. Not only were numerous stolen motor vehicles seized, but also considerable quantities of narcotics. In addition, the Bavarian police have uncovered smuggling and arrested thieving gangs, thus preventing further burglaries. Four further tripod systems have been ordered for the Bavarian border police, which will soon be used for additional security in the border area. In addition, it is planned to equip three further locations with stationary ANPR systems.

The facilities will be used in particular on international traffic routes, which will also be intensively frequented by cross-border criminals. At present, the Bavarian police have 19 stationary ANPR systems at their disposal, which are operated at 12 locations and monitor 33 lanes. In addition, two systems are available for mobile use. The Poliscan Surveillance product family, which also includes the Enforcement Bar and FM1, offers the highest detection rates at the LFS. The laser technology used (LIDAR) detects vehicles in moving traffic - regardless of traffic volume, speed or weather conditions. Poliscan Sur-veillance uses Vitronic's powerful license plate reading system to identify the detected vehicles. It delivers the highest reading rates in real time and features colour recognition for international license plates.