Camera-based, automatic surface inspections for accurate quality control during production

The machine vision system VINSPEC for automated surface inspection captures material and production-induced defects on flat and structured parts, inner surfaces and internal bore surfaces. It reliably detects even the smallest surface defects (incl. scratches, pores, shrinkage cavities and impact marks). The surface inspection often also goes hand in hand with geometric and dimensional accuracy inspections. The optical inspection of the often highly complex parts is conducted thoroughly, reliably and in line at production speed.

In addition to the automated quality inspection, process deviations are also detected at an early stage and can be corrected. This enables components that are critical for safety and functionality to be produced with the utmost reliability and consistently high quality.

Automated, Optical Surface Inspection for Reliable Quality Assurance
Automated, Optical Surface Inspection for Reliable Quality Assurance

Examples of Usage:

Inspection of visible, sealing and functional surfaces on automotive parts, such as

  • Inspection of lateral surfaces, cylinder bores and oil channels on gearboxes
  • Optical surface and contour inspections of cylinder head gaskets
  • Internal inspections, inspection of cylinder running surfaces on engine blocks and cylinder heads
  • Surface inspections and quality sorting for automobile rear mirrors
  • Inspection of fineblanking parts
  • Internal inspection of valve housings and bodies
  • Surface inspection of ceramic discs
  • Surface inspection of glass seals for airbag igniters
  • Quality inspection (2D and 3D) of forged parts (connecting rods)
  • Inspection of ceramic and printed electronic

VINSPEC at a Glance:

  • Automatic 100% quality inspection of surfaces
  • application-specific machine vision, customized for the relevant defect catalog
  • automatically generated and customized inspection areas based on CAD data and master parts
  • Intuitive operation
  • Documentation and archiving of inspection results in an integrated database
  • Standardized communication with the PLC system and the MES (horizontal and vertical)
  • Modular system structure is flexible, customizable and upgradeable
  • Field proven worldwide

Whatever surface you want to inspect: VITRONIC is your ideal partner for all challenging machine vision activities – worldwide.

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Application report - VINSPEC - Panoramic inspection on cylinder surfaces
application/pdf / 2 MB
Application report - VINSPEC - Panoramic inspection on cylinder surfaces
Application report - VINSPEC - Surface inspection cylinder heads
application/pdf / 330 KB
Application report - VINSPEC - Surface inspection cylinder heads


  • BMW AG
  • Daimler AG
  • REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH


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