Wafer and solar cell inspection using VINSPEC SOLAR

Optical quality inspection is critical for high-quality and uniquely classified products in photovoltaics production. With years of experience and many successful system implementations, VITRONIC has developed the VINSPEC SOLAR camera systems to provide a customized inspection solution for every relevant production step. High-resolution matrix and line scan cameras can detect quality-relevant optical criteria and defects on wafers, cells, and thin-film substrates, and even on complete modules down to the μm range and classify them according to customer needs. These systems are successfully used for process optimization as well as for classification and sorting.

Wafer and solar cell inspection with VINSPEC SOLAR
Wafer and solar cell inspection with VINSPEC SOLAR

VINSPEC SOLAR covers everything from micro-crack inspection to contour and surface inspection, texture and color inspection, and even front and rear print inspection during wafer and solar cell production. Precise classification using VINSPEC SOLAR machine vision systems helps you generate more added value and actively improve your processes. You obtain a broad database for vulnerability analysis. All measurement values can be stored in databases or sent to measuring systems via standardized interfaces.

Quality inspection of solar modules using VINSPEC SOLAR

How capable is your assembly process? We can help you reduce cycle times.

Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Quality inspection and localization of solar cells before the stringer
  • String inspection
  • Electroluminescence inspection of string or even complete solar module, in layup or flasher
  • Localization for correct J box placement and soldering of connectors
  • Quality inspection of module frame
  • Quality inspection of complete module following lamination

VINSPEC SOLAR inspects thin-film modules inline before and after the relevant process steps. Independent of the manufacturing technique, different module types can be inspected. VINSPEC SOLAR is used for glass and coat inspection, after the individual coating and structuring processes, as well as for final inspection and classification. Special inspections such as measuring the scribe positioning help prevent downstream defects from the beginning. Electroluminescence inspection illuminates your modules and helps detect inactive or defective areas on the module.

No matter what inspection tasks you need to solve: For any challenging machine vision task, VITRONIC is the ideal partner.

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Solar Module Inspection

VINSPEC SOLAR performs the following inline solar module inspections:

  • Quality of incoming cells
  • Precise cell layout in stringer
  • Post-stringer inspection
  • Electroluminescence quality inspection
  • Back-end inspection

    Solar Cell Inspection

    VINSPEC SOLAR performs inline solar cell inspections

    • immediately following cell texturing
    • immediately following antireflective coating
    • immediately following every electro-plating/printing step
    • in the cell tester

    Thin-Film Inspection

    VINSPEC SOLAR performs the following inline inspections of thin-film modules:

    • glass inspection
    • coat inspection
    • edge inspection
    • post-structuring inspection
    • electroluminescence quality inspection
    • back-end inspection

    Wafer Inspection

    VINSPEC SOLAR performs inline wafer inspections for

    • micro-cracks
    • crystalline structure
    • geometrical properties
    • surface properties
    • edge defects