Reliable code reading with VINSPEC HEALTHCARE

Whether for ensuring compliances with legal requirements, uniquely labeling products, for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors or for seamless traceability, codes play an important role.
A differentiation is made between two types of code: one-dimensionally arranged data, also known as barcodes, and the ever more frequently used two-dimensional codes, known as matrix codes or stacked codes. Examples include pharmaceutical codes, electronic drug monitoring codes and QR codes.
With its VINSPEC HEALTHCARE system solution, VITRONIC ensures that both code types can be reliably identified with a read rate of over 99%.

Code reading on IV bags
Code reading on infusion bags

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE code reading at a glance:

  • Identification of 1D codes (e.g. barcodes, EDMC)
  • Identification of 2D codes (e.g. data matrix codes (ECC200) with GS1, PDF 417)
  • Reading code-based serial numbers, batch numbers, shelf life data and number codes
  • Simultaneous identification of different code types (multi-code reading)
  • Basis for track and trace solutions
  • Optional inspection of the code quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15416.

Examples of usage:

  • Reading matrix codes on the aluminum cap of a glass vial with a 360° sensor
  • Inline/offline label inspections
  • Reading an ultraviolet (UV) matrix code on a cartridge
  • Verifying the package insert on the basis of the pharmaceutical code

Benefits at a glance:

High process reliability thanks to read rates of up to 100%

  • Compensation of specific surface structures or print elements through task-specific image preprocessing, including in the case of:

    • identification tasks involving highly reflective or bent surfaces
    • transparent packaging
    • the simultaneous identification of several codes (multi-code reading)

  • High conveyor/cycle speeds
  • Special lens for 360° code reading at any point on the object
  • Ability to individually adjust the sensor system and machine vision to specific tasks

Conformity with the latest guidelines and regulations

  • Complete solution from a single source
  • Simple integration into systems, including in combination with OCR and OCV
  • Read data can be further processed in integrated track & trace databases
  • Also available as an independent offline inspection station
  • Seamless product changes and system modifications
  • Automatic teach-in process using single button teach technology
  • Low training requirement thanks to intuitive operation

VITRONIC is your ideal partner for all challenging machine vision activities – worldwide.

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