Optimize Goods Inward and Stock Placement Processes with VITRONIC's Automatic In-Motion Scale

Enormous volumes of parcels and boxes arrive every day at hub storage facilities and distribution centers belonging to retailers, mail order companies, and logistics and industrial companies. Deliveries need to be weighed, measured, recorded accurately and posted, and be in the right place at the right time – all as quickly and cheaply as possible. As a result, errors can easily creep into postage calculations.

How can logistics, contract service providers and parcel services easily, quickly and cost-effectively check that the data provided (dimensions, weight details) match the actual data?

In-motion scale, auto-ID and automatic volume measurement system
In-motion scale, auto-ID and automatic volume measurement system

VITRONIC has the right solution:
A fully automatic turnkey solution – comprising an in-motion scale, the latest auto-ID system and an automatic volume measurement system – identifies incorrect postage calculations and thus provides the basis for automatic invoicing (revenue recovery) and legally justifiable requests for additional postage. The hardware and software involved come from a single source.

In intralogistics, this type of turnkey solution is deployed for automatic, efficient inbound inspections.

The Benefits to you:

  • ideal for applications with very high throughput rates
  • top-quality precision and accuracy – including in extreme conditions
  • at top transport speeds
  • MID certification
  • in-motion scales provide the basis for automated invoicing (revenue recovery)
  • chaotic sequences of products and differing geometries, sizes and weights can be handled with ease
  • automatic weighing of parcels and goods deliveries in boxes, cases and items of luggage
  • can be combined with auto-ID and automatic, three-dimensional volume measurement systems
  • certified weighing

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